Born 1980, Groningen, the Netherlands, is an aviation photographer with a passion for air-to-air photography;
capturing aircraft in the sky from the sky.
As a child he has always been fascinated by aircraft, with in general military aircraft and could regularly be found
at an Air Force Base near his home town.
So the fact that he joined the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) in 2002 wasn't a coincidence.
That he is creative and takes beautiful images does not stay unnoticed by the RNLAF, as he gets asked to create
images for various RNLAF purposes. Cristian is starting to get the hang of this and is ready for a new challenge.
How would it be to photograph an aircraft from another aircraft in flight? he wonders.

While standing in the back of a C-130 Hercules with the ramp-door open at 9.000 ft. photographing
F-16s in flight he knows: this is it! He has gained numerous flight hours and has flown in, and photographed various fast-jets, trainers, tanker/transport, general aviation aircraft and helicopters.
It is his experience, motivation, devotion, knowledge, professionalism and eye for detail that counts! And this shows!
Read comments from professional aviators who have been working with Cristian here.

Moreover, he is also a good writer, able to deliver a full article with images and a matching text.
Cristian contributes to leading aviation magazines Air Forces Monthly and Combat Aircraft Monthly.
He also contributes to various national aviation magazines in Asia, Europe and North America.

To know more and more about photographing techniques, Cristian studied at the University of Applied Photography
and graduated as a professional photographer in 2014.

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